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About our firm Janika Ltd

The company was founded with a contract on 16th May 1991. This contract has been modified many times concerning personal changes and sphere of activity over the past few years.

Composition of the personnel at present:
Full partner: Mr János Hegyi
Sleeping partner: Mrs. Hegyi
Mr Zsolt Hegyi

The company started its activity in the newly-built restaurant at the following address: 115/2 Petofi Sándor Street, Vonyarcvashegy.
Since then our clients have got acquainted with the quality of the services of our restaurant.
There has been paying accommodation above the restaurant since 1991.
The number of our guests has grown in such a degree that we started building a new guesthouse in 1995 that was opened the following year. So our room capacity grew by eight double rooms. It is called ‘Janika II’ and located next to ‘Janika I’, 1 Damjanich Street.
We have always made efforts to satisfy the needs of our guests.

Therefore we have accomplished the following projects:
- 1993: installation of a cold room of 10 m³
- 1994: cobbled car park in the yard
- 1995: beginning of the investment of the guesthouse; Restaurant: construction of a covered and closed terrace
- 1996: opening of the guesthouse; extension of the number of services and facilities
- 1997: modernisation of the restaurant, replacement of the tiling, the windows and the doors; modernisation of the furniture and upholstery
- 1998: construction of an open-air swimming-pool, its opening; lay-out of its surroundings, construction of the Drink bar next to the swimming-pool
- 1999: installation of gas heating; enlargement of the surface of the kitchen; installation of modern gas appliances and their introduction in the process of production; increase of comfort of the rooms
- 2000: modernisation of the furniture of the terrace; computer assisted compilation of the menu; connection of the rooms with a telephone centre ; installation of ISDN line, computerisation of billing in the restaurant
- 2001: lay-out of the alarm system and fire-fighting; conversion of the lobby of ‘Janika II’ into an elegant suite, with wooden furniture of natural colour; introduction of the system HACCP, installation of air-conditioning in the kitchen with the help of Széchenyi Plan
- 2002: cobbling of the car park in front of the restaurant
- 2003: modernisation of the rooms above the restaurant and replacement of their furniture


The restaurant and the guesthouse are located in the centre of Vonyarcvashegy, close to Lake Balaton and the entrance of the beach. It takes 5 minutes to walk to the railway station.
You can find tennis courts and other sport and leisure facilities.

Professional work in our house

We employ without exception cooks who were trained by us. We organise special trainings so that they can improve their practical skills every autumn and spring. The main characteristic feature of these trainings is the involvement of the waiters in kitchen work, and the participation of the cooks in the service.
The waiters take part in a training in spring or when a new employee is taken on. Furthermore, they also participate in a language course with the direction of Zsolt Hegyi, who has an intermediate level exam in the German language.

We offer different gastronomic specialities every summer:
- Fish specialities of Lake Balaton
- Cold and hot Hungarian-style buffet
- Vegetable parade
- Nouvelle cuisine dishes
- Grill parade (next to the swimming pool)

On our menu there is a chapter called ‘Orders in advance’, where you can find specialities that can be ordered 24 hours before the consumption.
We are often requested to organise different parties on or out of the premises.
- Dinner of confirmation for the ‘Fathers’
- Cocktail and dinner parties
- Service of drink and food at balls
- Organisation of family get-togethers

Town hall of Vonyarcvashegy
Town hall of Balatongyörök
ZMIK Keszthely

Our enterprise guarantees the high quality of parties organised off the premises.
We are open to all new products of the food industry and we are one of the first ones to use them.
There are always vegetarian and lacto-vegetarian foods on our menu.

Our human resources politics guarantees that we will come up to expectations.
The director of the company: Mr. János Hegyi, full partner, studied at the College of Catering trade and made use of his knowledge abroad (Holland, Germany, England); he holds the title of chef, he is often invited to participate in the juries at the school leaving exams in the regional secondary schools specialised in catering and in the juries at cooking competitions and he is also a professional advisor.
Mr Zsolt Hegyi, sleeping partner, has the language certificate mentioned above that he passed before his school leaving exam in the secondary school specialised in catering. He is also a qualified tourist manager. To deepen his professional knowledge, he worked abroad (Switzerland) and he has sufficient computing skills.
Mrs Hegyi passed her school leaving exams specialised in economics, she worked as an office manager of a hotel, she speaks good German.
The succession of the employees every 3 or 5 years guarantees the high quality of the services.

Our essential requirements:
- High-quality dishes and hygienic kitchen
- High-quality service
- Satisfied clients
- Regular customers
- Availability of the owner
- No impossible request
- Cleanness
- Computerised billing in Hungarian and German


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